Objektträgerbox für 30 Objektträger oder 5 Platten, K30LE

with fixing blade

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GLW Slide Box with 30 compartments autoclavable up to 121°C and use in freezer down to -90°C.
For standard slides with the sizes 76 mm x 26 mm x 1 mm or multi-well microplates (MTP) 74 mm x 110 mm x 1 mm.

Slidebox K30 is made of standard polypropylene.
Slidebox K30LE is made of special LOW EMISSION polypropylene which will reduce outgas contamination of your slides better than standard material.

Each of our slide boxes come with snap lock lid.
GLW slide boxes are the perfect solution to storage, transport and freeze your samples.

Also a safety seal possible, to prevent unauthorized access (Item #: PV1, PD1, PZ1)

Technische Informationen
Objektträger-Kapazität30 Objektträger oder 5 Platten
Max. Objektträger-Stärke1 mm
Höhe85 mm
Breite41 mm
Länge120 mm
Zolltarifnummer3923 1090
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